Friday, December 5, 2008

Guest Writer

For those who don't know (hmm...I think everyone, all three of the people who read my blog already know this), I psuedo-homeschool CJ. We use Georgia Virtual Academy, which is technically public school, but since I'm doing all the WORK, and he's at home while he's schooling, it's homeschool. No matter what the snobs at our former homeschool group thought.

For his portfolio assignment, he wrote a persuasive essay. He did a great job, I think, so I wanted to share it.

C.J. Dickerson
Millicent Pilate
Persuasive essay

Every four seconds a child dies from starvation and treatable illnesses. There is a great need for food, water and health supplies all around the world. There is a way you can give a gift to help. World Vision is a very cool organization that helps people in need. When you give a gift in honor of your friends, you not only get some Christmas shopping done but you help children everywhere.

Today alone, 26,000 children will die of treatable illnesses. 53% of these deaths are from starvation. In Ethiopia, only 22% of the people have access to clean water. They have to drink pond water while we waste water all the time. Right now there is a food crisis in Africa, and nearly 9.2 million people are in danger of starvation. These people need help and you can give it to them.

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization that reaches out to children in poverty. World Vision serves the poor in over 100 countries. 80% of their budget goes directly to programs that help people in need. World Vision’s gift catalog has gifts from a price range of $10 to benefit the Child Health Fund, to $500 for a dairy cow, all the way up to $39,000 for a health clinic. Also, because of corporate donations, a $35 gift multiplies 14 times to provide $480 worth of clothing and shoes.

Getting a gift in honor of a loved one can be very helpful with Christmas shopping. World Vision has an online catalog that allows you to order gifts like food or clean water. The online shopping saves the time of going to Wal-Mart and waiting in line. It also saves you the stress of having to put up with crabby sales people. It also saves you worrying about what to get your friends and family, because no matter what it will make them feel proud that they helped a child.

You have an opportunity to help these children. The people at World Vision want to help families in poverty. The gift catalog will help you spend more time with your family because you just go and order the present and you are done. In the time it took you to read my essay, 22 children died. Consider making a difference in the lives of children and with the way you buy Christmas gifts this year.

This is Tekalgn, the Ethiopian boy that CJ sponsers through World Vision.


  1. Very nice essay! Quite persuasive!
    I admire you for homeschooling your child. I am sorry that snobby homeschool group people tried to make you feel inferior. YOU are the mom! You know what is best for your family and no one else can!
    Go you!

  2. Good job CJ! Mary, you may have to give him his own blog before too long - that might be a cool creative outlet for him!
    I know another homeschool Mom who has a joint blog with her daughter. Here is the link, if you want to check it out.

    You never know what you will get with them! That is the joy of kids, right?

  3. Hey! I read your blog - and let's see - according to the comments I'm number 3. Ok, so maybe you're right: 3 readers!

    But seriously, CJ, well done! Bravo! And may you always keep your heart for the world!

  4. Great Job CJ! You are an execelent writer! I think andysbethy suggestion of his having his own blog is good.

    And I was impressed to see that CJ sponsors a child through World Vision. You really have a great kid.

    And for the record, it looks like you have 4 readers!

  5. Good job CJ. AND good job mom! :-)