Saturday, March 21, 2009

36 Gallons

I've been busily organizing my house and rearranging furniture all week. It's actually been pretty fun! Of course the house always looks worse during the process, but I have faith that it will be fabulous when I'm done!
Casey paid me the best compliment yesterday, when he told me he was amazed at how much I can get done. I was excited about how much was getting done, too, but it was nice to have my hard work acknowledged.
One funny thing I HAVE to tell you: Casey has a bunch of video tapes from when he used to record Star Trek Next Generation and Star Trek Voyager. I'll admit, when we were dating and Voyager was still on, and yes, I, too, became a Trekkie. Anyway, yesterday he told me I could put his tapes in the attic. I filled two 18-gallon bins with Start Trek!!! My husband had 36 GALLONS of Star Trek in his office!!!!
No wonder we don't have any room in this house!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Maddy has taught herself all her colors. One by one, she would ask, "What color is this? What color is this?" Until she had them all figured out. So she has got them all down except she will occasionally get pink and purple mixed up.

The cutest thing, by far, is that when you ask her what color something brown is, she says, "Chocolate."

Friday, March 13, 2009


My good friend Bethany came back! For a minute anyway. They moved the closing date of her house up, so she needed to come down earlier than planned to sign papers and pack up all her stuff. Her boys hung out over here Thursday while she and her mom packed boxes. Canaan spent the night, to Cole's absolute delight. They were so adorable.
We moved all the stuff into storage Saturday. My dad is such a wonderful guy--he spent the whole day helping (with his big trailer), hurt his back (that part was his fault for trying to be He-Man and pick the piano alone), just because he knows I love Bethany. He really is great, and I love him for it.
It was so sad to see her house empty, and to hug her that last time, but they'll be back in two weeks for Cole's Bday party, so a least we have that to look forward to.
In the meantime, I catch myself looking at the insulin she has stored in my fridge and sighing.

A pile of kids on my bedroom floor. They took it upon themselves to build a nest. Canaan is "reading" Star Wars comics.

This is standard behavior for Cole and Canaan. I'm so glad Canaan accepts Cole's demonstrative nature!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Blogging is so much fun when I'm supposed to be doing something else. This morning I'm supposed to be mailing Thank You notes to His Hands contributors. Ah, procastination!
Once again, it's been nearly a week since I wrote anything, and once again, I have to catch everyone up!
Relatively speaking, Ms. Renee's funeral was pretty tame. No one jumped in the casket, no one passed out, there actually was very little crying. This was kinda disappointing to me, since there is a great feeling of catharsis and community when a group of people get together to be sad for the same reason. I kind of missed that sadness release. I'm trying not to be too sad at the moment, because the children are probably NOT going to get to stay in Valdosta after all. I will be missing them alot.
Last week, Casey was out of town for three nights for a training. It was very difficult without him, and Maddy cried every night for her daddy. Even when he left, she seemed to know that it was more than his usual "going to work", and she cried and cried. As she stood in a chair, looking out the kitchen window, crying for her dad, Cole announced that he would "make Maddy feel better".
In his best fake "man" voice, he went up to her and said, "Hi Maddy, I'm your Daddy. I growed my hair." Maddy was skeptical, but curious. "Do you want me to make you a peanut butter sandwich?" Apparently that put her over.
Cole ran up to me and (still in his "daddy" voice) said, "Can I make Maddy a sandwich?" He pulled me down and wispered in my ear, "I pretending to be Maddy's daddy."
Knowing he was going to make a mess of that sandwich AND my kitchen, I gave him permission and thoroughly enjoyed listening to him continue to pretend to be "daddy" for his little sister, while she giggled and played along. It was so cute, and how funny is it that he thought to explain why he isn't bald like his dad, and for whatever reason, thinks that is the only thing different about them? (o:
Casey had a heart episode Saturday. He was outside restling with CJ and a couple of his buds, when he ran in the house, flopped on the couch, and asked for some water. When I brought him his glass of water, he was shaking badly and then his head rolled back and he passed out for a second. FREAKED ME OUT! His heart beat was irregular all day (we have a blood pressure/heart rate monitor here), but Sunday he was much better. He's going to the doctor this morning to get checked out and try to determine what caused it. Pray for him!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Crisis over.....sort of

Well, as way of an update, Mrs. Renee's funeral is this Thursday. (Read my previous blog, if you haven't already.) It looks like there will be a regular His Hands carpool going: Me, Vivian, Diedre (a long-time volunteer), and Michael (the new guy). It should be pretty interesting. My brother in law, Danny might go, too. He's been mentoring Renee's oldest son (now 21) since he was 13. I don't know if Danny's every been to a funeral at a black church.....should be quite an experience for him! (o:
The children don't have any clothes to wear to the funeral, so we went and got them a gift card, and I'm sticking it in the mail this morning.
What a week.
One a happier note, Elaine's sister and her husband came for a visit on their way back home from a month in Florida. The children love Uncle Jerry and Aunt Merrill, and of course, Elaine thoroughly enjoyed visiting with her sister. Merrill always brings little presents for the kids, and this time she brought Maddy a pink stuffed pony and a pink fuzzy hat with matching gloves. Maddy slept with both the pony AND the gloves. Five minutes ago, she stumbled sleepily out of the bedroom--still clutching her pony and her gloves. So cute!
We had dinner with Casey's brother and his wife, and Casey made some awesome food. I love good food.
I promise to better in the blogging department, now that last week's crisis is over...sort of.