Monday, March 2, 2009

Crisis over.....sort of

Well, as way of an update, Mrs. Renee's funeral is this Thursday. (Read my previous blog, if you haven't already.) It looks like there will be a regular His Hands carpool going: Me, Vivian, Diedre (a long-time volunteer), and Michael (the new guy). It should be pretty interesting. My brother in law, Danny might go, too. He's been mentoring Renee's oldest son (now 21) since he was 13. I don't know if Danny's every been to a funeral at a black church.....should be quite an experience for him! (o:
The children don't have any clothes to wear to the funeral, so we went and got them a gift card, and I'm sticking it in the mail this morning.
What a week.
One a happier note, Elaine's sister and her husband came for a visit on their way back home from a month in Florida. The children love Uncle Jerry and Aunt Merrill, and of course, Elaine thoroughly enjoyed visiting with her sister. Merrill always brings little presents for the kids, and this time she brought Maddy a pink stuffed pony and a pink fuzzy hat with matching gloves. Maddy slept with both the pony AND the gloves. Five minutes ago, she stumbled sleepily out of the bedroom--still clutching her pony and her gloves. So cute!
We had dinner with Casey's brother and his wife, and Casey made some awesome food. I love good food.
I promise to better in the blogging department, now that last week's crisis is over...sort of.

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