Friday, March 13, 2009


My good friend Bethany came back! For a minute anyway. They moved the closing date of her house up, so she needed to come down earlier than planned to sign papers and pack up all her stuff. Her boys hung out over here Thursday while she and her mom packed boxes. Canaan spent the night, to Cole's absolute delight. They were so adorable.
We moved all the stuff into storage Saturday. My dad is such a wonderful guy--he spent the whole day helping (with his big trailer), hurt his back (that part was his fault for trying to be He-Man and pick the piano alone), just because he knows I love Bethany. He really is great, and I love him for it.
It was so sad to see her house empty, and to hug her that last time, but they'll be back in two weeks for Cole's Bday party, so a least we have that to look forward to.
In the meantime, I catch myself looking at the insulin she has stored in my fridge and sighing.

A pile of kids on my bedroom floor. They took it upon themselves to build a nest. Canaan is "reading" Star Wars comics.

This is standard behavior for Cole and Canaan. I'm so glad Canaan accepts Cole's demonstrative nature!

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  1. I am so glad our boys have each other. In fact, Canaan is writing Cole a letter as I type this comment. Now I just have to be responsible enough to actually get it addressed and in the mailbox.... hmmmm.
    Thank you a thousand times over for everything. Watching my kids, volunteering your Dad (and his trailer), helping clean my house, storing my piano (and some insulin) - being my friend.
    I guess what I am saying is, I'm so glad I have you!