Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Five Things I love...Finally!

I was tagged several weeks ago by my friend Bethany. She did a great job on hers, so here's mine!

Five things I love:

1. Jesus!! He said whoever is forgiven much, loves much, and man--was I forgiven MUCH. If it weren't for my Jesus, I'd probably be dead, or at least miserable enough to wish I was. He is my all.

2. My family. They are so wonderful. God has used my husband in amazing ways to bring healing to my heart. He's a wonderful man, an awesome dad, and the perfect friend. My children bring color to my life and make everything I do so much more fun. They make me feel RICH. My extended family is precious as well. My daddy is such a sweet man and my sister Autumn is bright spot in my life. My neice is a precious little peanut. My brother is strange and wonderful and funny. My mom is dynamic and interesting. My three other siblings are a joy to watch as they grow.

3. My ministry. I feel incredibly blessed to have a "profession" that is as rewarding as His Hands is. I love what I do, I love the kids I see every week for Bible Club, and I love being available to God to do whatever He asks me to do. These kids are just so wonderful, so full of potential.

4. Parties. I love food, I love friends, put them together, and I love PARTIES. Three times a year I get to go all-out when I throw parties for my kids' birthdays. My husband and I joke that one reason we want more kids is so we can have more birthday parties.

5. At the moment, number 5 is going to go to my electric blanket. I hate to be cold--it actually hurts me. When I get out of the tub at night, and I'm shaking and shivering, and I skooch down into the covers where my husband has thoughtfully turned on my balnket for me already....ahhhhh. It is so wonderful.

And now, finally, I will tag five others: Autumn, Tonya, Kim, Jessica, and Mary. I'm surprised I even have 5 people who read this thing for me to tag, but I'm glad it's you guys. Can't wait to see what you have to say!


  1. I love it! You did a fabulous job, and have some wonderful things to love.
    I'm looking forward to experiencing a Corbin party - sounds like something to be prepared for!

  2. OH pressure, huh? I am not sure I can follow your wonderful 5! :) Enjoyed reading yours; very sweet, esp. what you wrote about your family.