Saturday, November 15, 2008

Well, I think the last time I posted, I told you guys I was discouraged. I've been waiting for my attitude to improve before I post again. My attitude is getting a little better, but I'm still frustrated and angry with some people......That said, I talked to someone this week that reminded me that sometimes people make decisions (that affect you) that don't make sense but maybe God's just telling them to. Maybe it's time to move on. His time.
So here I am, bad attitude and all, and maybe God's hand is the one shifting and moving things. I wish I knew that for sure...I wish I didn't feel like people are being petty and stupid, and affecting my sweet precious His Hands kids with their pettiness and stupidity.
Ultimately, I know God is in control, and the ministry isn't mine, it's His. And while I am a steward of it, it is ultimately His responsibility. And while some things may catch me off gaurd, he is never surprised!!!


  1. I am sorry I haven't been around this week. Sounds like you have needed someone to vent to. Please, please feel free to call me, whenever.
    See ya in the morning! (probably before you even see this message!)