Sunday, November 2, 2008

Preschool Shows

I know I shouldn't admit it, but there are a few of Maddy's shows that I really enjoy.

I love the songs and the humor on Bunnytown. It's a great little puppet-based show on Disney. The best episode is the one where Underwear Bunny keeps interrupting all the musical numbers by running across the screen yelling "Underwear!"

There are some that aren't very appealing, even though the kids love them: Dora and Diego always seem to be yelling. Yo Gabba Gabba is just too psycholdelic. I hate the ads Nickelodeon has, too- both the number and the type: They actually had an ad for the Bloody Mary ride at Six Flags!!! (During Preschool TV?!?!? Have you seen that commercial? It's awful! It shows "Bloody Mary painting her lips with what seems to be blood and them she bursts screaming through someone's mirror! I'm sure it was a mistake, but still...)

My absolute favorite, though, is Charlie and Lola (pictured above). It's adorable. First of all, it's Brittish, and I love their little accents. Also, Lola has a great imagination and so many of her antics are so right in-line with the crazy stuff my four-year-old comes up with. Plus, she drinks strawberry milk which Cole at one time obsessed over, and she even calls it "pink milk" just like he does!

And then there's Charlie, Lola's long-suffering big brother. He's just so sweet and kind to her, he reminds me so much of my CJ. He never yells at her, even when he gets frustrated (well, CJ does raise his voice occasionally, but he is a good big brother). The show even opens with, "I have this little sister Lola. She's small and very funny."

I love that Charlie and Lola love each other, when most shows now depict a irritating younger sibling and a mean older sibling. On those shows, even if they don't DO mean things to each other, they TALK mean. But Lola adores Charlie ( I love the way she says "Chaaah-leeee"), and Charlie is obviously besotted: "Oh, Lola."

We got a Charlie and Lola book from the Library and Cole makes me read it with a Brittish accent. Maddy asks to watch it every morning when she wakes up. They even had an episode last week about pumpkins. I think I've seen 5 times already.

And I don't mind.


  1. You have to stop now. I am actually missing cable television. I use to enjoy Charlie and Lola too, and am not afraid to admit it! Good times...

  2. You are so funny. I can not wait to be able to watch TV with Alina.