Sunday, November 23, 2008


We're in Atlanta for the first portion of our trip to Illinois to visit family for Thanksgiving. We're staying with our good friends, the Andersons. We had a lovely day today.

For those who don't know, Casey and I are total foodies. Vacations are punctuated by where we ate, and remembered by who had the best bread, or most original dessert. For this tri, we've planned our stop for months.

We saw a segment on The Original Pancake House on the Food Network, and knew we wanted to try it. They have an apple pancake where they saute brown sugar, cinnamon, and fresh apples in a pan, and then pour the batter in, and then bake the whole thing. It puffs up really big, and slowly deflates as it cools. It's like a giant souffle, and it was awesome! Our friend Eric ordered the fruit crepes, which were served with real whipped cream, and the yummiest looking fruit I've ever seen. The blackberries were huge!

Maddy really enjoyed the whipped cream and licked two bowls clean! At the end, we swapped out her whipped cream bowl for a bowl of sour cream--the look on her face when she dug into it was priceless!

After we ate like PIGS, we went to an awesome park in Kennesaw. We played for hours and watched the guys fly their model planes.

Here's some pictures from a great day.


  1. So it seems that the S. GA people are heading north at the same time. If you are heading out on 75, you will pass right by my parents, and thus, right by me! Small world, that we leave the same town, and end up in the same town, at least for a portion of your trip!
    I always love your pictures - you have such a gift. I especially love the one of Maddy licking the bowl! That is hilarious!