Saturday, November 15, 2008


So I've kicked MySpace almost completely. I was at one time, completely addicted to it. But I got sick of the nasty ads, especially around Halloween, and I realized that most of my family is on Facebook, so I made the switch.
My favorite Aunt lives in Connecticut (most of my mom's side does, and it's where I grew up), so I don't see her like I'd like. She posted several old pictures of everyone. Ah, technology and the possibilities it opens for making fun of your loved ones!
So I decided to post some of my oldies:

My dad, me, my brother, and my sister, Autumn.

Me and My brother.

Me, 21 months


  1. Those are awesome. I especially love the one of you at 21 months. Just precious!

  2. I can see where Maddy looks like you in your 21 month picture.

    I'm with you about Myspace. I may check it once a week. Hey maybe we should invite some friends to join us on FB!

  3. How awesome!! I love looking at old photographs. I see Maddy in you!! :-)