Monday, November 3, 2008

Independent Candidate to vote for!

This morning when I woke up, this was on my lawn:

The story behind it is several months ago, Casey emailed out a link to this silly "news" video that declared him a presidential candidate. (To see the clip go HERE.)

Somehow it has become almost viral. I've actually recieved an email promoting Casey and containing the link from several people (one of whom I didn't know)! This morning there was even a bulletin on MySpace with the link.

But the sign takes the cake. I have a list of suspects...I'm sure someone will call here giggling around noon to confess. (Casey's friends know he's not a morning person. He hasn't even noticed the sign yet and he's been up for about 30 minutes.)

GO VOTE ( for someone who's actually running) TOMORROW!!!


  1. Well, I'd vote for Casey if he was a ligitimate candidate!

  2. That is pretty awesome! I'll be eager to hear more....

  3. thats funny!! he's my #1 candidate!!

  4. Yeah, well, serptdoves (Alicia), you would have to find it funny--you would be at the top of our suspect list if you weren't out of the state....instead, we suspect your mom!!

  5. i do know of two friends and that would've been better but the camo might have been frowned upon...