Saturday, May 2, 2009


I just realized i haven't posted anything since my "grumpy" post. That's not good. Especially since I haven't been grumpy at all.
So let's get you folks caught up!
Let me introduce you to the newest members of our family: 'Alice' and 'Ruby':

We've been searching for a kitten since December. How rediculous is that? Anyway, I posted a 'wanted ad' on, and someone in a vet's office called and said they had two kitties without a mommy. I'm still surprised Casey let us get them BOTH, but they are so sweet. The kids adore them. They look almost exactly the same except Alice has a little pink on her nose. Their temperments, however, are very, very different. Ruby likes to cuddle and doze, and while Alice has her moments of calm, but she mostly likes to explore and have adventures. And plan the occasional sneak-attack.

Although I spent the first week exhausted from trying to keep the kids from loving the kittens to death (literally--Cole was intent on carrying them around at perilous heights in various containers, and Maddy seemed to think their little neck was a handle.), they made it through in one piece, and the kids have learned how to carry and show affection to them correctly.

Maddy fell asleep on the couch and the kitties curled up on her and went to sleep, too.
I came home from the store to the scene below. Casey says Cole swore he wasn't sleepy, so he told him he could just read on the couch. I didn't know it when I took the picture, but the other kitten is under the blanket next to Cole.
This is Ruby snoozing in my clean laundry.
As we speak, Alice has climbed up onto the back of my neck and fallen alseep while I type. Now I need to go to sleep, too!


  1. Even I have to admit that they are cute and cuddly! One fell asleep on my feet when you went to get CJ from school, and I almost softened enough to think we needed a kitten too.
    I will just have to come borrow yours sometimes....

  2. CUTE! But, NO BETHANY NO!!!! You do NOT need a pet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!