Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'm grumpy today, so here's a grumpy post to go with my mood.
Yesterday I had to run two errands: Pick up Bible Lessons for Bible Club from the Mailbox Club, and pick up bags of cereal for Bible Club from WalMart. Maddy hasn't been feeling well, and whined, "I wanna go too" 63 times, so I took her too.
We made it through the first errand ok, Maddy actually broke through her self-absorbed meanness to wave goodbye to the sweet lady that compiled my lesson order. Then as we drove to WalMart she fell asleep. In the parking lot, I was thanking Jesus because there was an empty spot, literally right by the door (shady, too). As I was about to pull in, these people who were in the spot next to the empty one walked right through my spot, parked their cart right in the MIDDLE of my spot and proceeded to unload. I was miffed, but they only had a few bags, so I just inched forward and put on my blinker so they would be sure to see that I was waiting (I'm not very aggressive when I'm in my car).

I was absolutely shocked when the man got into his car and LEFT the cart right in the middle of that empty spot. I mean, geez, I wasn't going to leave my sleeping kid in the car to push HIS cart out of the spot so I could park! To make matters worse, I now had a line of people behind me, and the jerk who left the cart was trying to back out, but had no room with me cramped behind him.

Do you think they moved the cart THEN? No, they waited until the car in front of them moved and then drove forward. Ugh. By this time, a lady must've seen all this and grabbed the cart and wheeled it into the store. I didn't even get a chance to thank her.

I had to ask God to forgive me over and over for the ugly thoughts I had toward the selfish individual who left the cart in the MIDDLE of a parking spot. My penance was that I had to carry my 40 lb. two year old around walmart (she wouldn't wake up) with one arm while pulling a cart full of cereal with the other. And my arms ache even now to remind myself not to be selfish and at least push the cart over to the side.


  1. oh, that does sound like a very stinky day! I think being grumpy for a bit is well deserved :)

  2. oh my gosh. You are way more saintly than I. I prob. would have been honking my horn and saying some not so nice things, and maybe even thrown in some um, you know, sign language!

  3. this makes me think of the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" which I would hate if it wasn't for the scene where the lady keeps running into the 2 young girls' car. believe me, I have wanted to do that before and I kinda think I might someday before this life is over and I will have a big smile on my face... until I get home and have to explain it to Bob

  4. I don't know how I missed seeing this post...
    I am sorry about your bad day, even though it was quite a while ago, and I happen to know that you have had better days since then. After all, you have seen me!
    I am pretty sure that the anonymous comment is from my mom. It certainly sounds like her. Please, don't learn from her!