Monday, January 26, 2009

Presents, Gifts, and Blessings

I have wonderful kids.
Today I had the priviledge of watching my two little ones play with their friends in cute little sing-song voices. They pretended to be jedis (Cole and Canaan), and shared peanutbutter pretzels (Maddy and Zion), and were very sweet.
Then we went to a parent-teacher conference at CJ's school where all five of his teachers made it quite clear that they not only genuinely cared about his success at school, but also enjoyed him as a person very much. It was very nice to meet with people who spend so much time with my baby who actually seem to like him as much as I do!!
Today when I was getting Cole out of the tub, I told him how much I loved him as I dried his hair. I told him I felt so blessed to have such wonderful children. I said, "You guys are like this awesome present that God gave me. You know, like a Christmas present or a birthday present. A wonderful, special gift."
He replied, "Yeah, we are like a hospital present. A nice present from the hospital."


  1. That is too stinking precious! I love Cole's sayings!

  2. That is absolutely perfect. Cole really does say some priceless things!
    I am glad that my kids were around to "help" your kids be cute! (in other words, thanks so much for watching them for me!!)

  3. It's nice to leave the hospital with such great presents, huh?

  4. Yes. I remember when Casey left the hospital how weird it was to not be bring a baby home with us!!

  5. that is so funny. Way to bring you back to reality huh? too cute!