Thursday, August 9, 2012

How Are Our Garden Grows

This year we grew a garden!  Cole gets really into gardening; last year we were living on my dad's property and we worked a 'row' of his big garden, and it's one of his favorite memories.  Here's some pictures of us at the beginning:

Right after I took these pictures, I smashed my finger to mush trying to level the blocks.  So the garden took a back burner until my finger stopped throbbing (about 2 weeks!).

Here's the next stage, we planted squash, zucchini, blue lake green beans, tomatoes, and sweet peas. 


Sweet Peas

This was an experiment; we wanted to make a sweet pea-teepee.  Our peas never quite got tall enough, though.

Squash and cucumbers

Green Beans
I REALLY wish I had paid attention to the specific variety of each vegetable we planted.  Some varieties are more resistant to diseases, etc., and while we have had a lot of successes in our garden, we've also had some issues.  More about that in a minute.  Here's what it looks like now looked like a few weeks ago:

Our second batch of beans--we thought purple ones would be fun.  They have turned out to be a good example of a variety that does not grow well though.  We'll be sticking to Blue Lakes next year!
Our sunflowers are about 10 feet tall now!


  1. I love the sunflowers! I wish I had planted something fun like that. Did you ever get any squash or zucchini? Even the farmer across the street from us is having trouble with squash this year. Says there aren't enough bees.
    Our tomatoes finally took off. I made homemade pizza sauce last night. Then, we had a last minute change and didn't have time to make pizza... but we will try that tonight. At least we have the sauce already! Sorry about the peas. I should have thought to plant a second planting. I think it is too late now. Bummer.
    Looks awesome. Wish we could come eat it with you. Make something special for me, ok

  2. HA! Where it says "here's what it looks like now" it should say "here's what it looked like 4 weeks ago! The sunflowers are brown now, and we're leaving for the birds to snack on. All my squash and zucchini died a sad and painful (for me) death. My next post is about the problems I encountered. Ah well, you love and learn.
    We have so many tomatoes it is redonkulous! :o)