Monday, August 13, 2012

First Day of Preschool

Here's my little man on his first day of school!  I am so pleased to have some nice pictures to show you, 'cuz let me tell you, GusGus is NOT a morning person!!  The only thing that saved this little photo shoot was that a "big truck" (his new favorite thing) went roaring by about halfway through (we were downtown at the fountain).  Then he was excited!
Walking to Class
A little bit nervous....
Talking to Mrs. Christie
I stuck around long enough to bring in snacks (the parents alternate weeks providing snacks, and we found out yesterday that we got the first week!  Yay?), and to see him playing with blocks.  First thing he did was drag a chair over to start climbing the tables....that BOY!  They caught him, though (I warned them of his monkey-ness). 
So no tears, no fussing--he's a big boy!
My big boy!
P.S. He refuses to carry his bookbag.  Oh well. 
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