Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fat Quarters Pinwheel Dress

There's an adorable fabric/quilting shop here in the tiny town we live in.  The lady who owns it is exceedingly friendly, like most people here.  She has a grandson about Gus's age who seems to just hang out there in the shop all day, so when I go in, he and Gus tear around and knock over displays.  Fun.
Anyway, this spring Maddy picked up this stack of bright fat quarters and asked me if I could make her something spinny with them.  Since fat quarters are pretty small, I thought it might look really cool as a circle skirt, with four panels, kind of like a pinwheel. 
If you've never made a circle skirt, it's pretty easy, but it does require some math.  I followed the tutorial at Made.  I liked her instructions and especially her pictures!
So I took Maddy's measurements, applied said math, and then cut out the eight panels thusly:

Two of the eight panels
 Then I sewed all eight pieces together, right sides together, and attache them to a Tshirt with a zigzag stitch to give it a little stretch at the waist.  I struggled a bit with the hem, since hemming a curve is a pain, but I found that the smaller the hem, the easier it was.  I had a little fabric left over to do a little rosette, and viola!
Not the best picture, but this was at her preschool Easter Egg Hunt, and I couldn't get her to hold still!


  1. Cute. And the dress is really nice too.

  2. I Love IT! I seriously have got to get my sewing machine back. I am never going to get any better at sewing if I leave it at mom's house forever. I am just going to spend all my time being jealous of beautiful things other people make!
    She looks precious, as always, and those colors are perfect.