Monday, February 2, 2009

120+ hours

I've decided to "fast" recreational computer-time for the rest of this week.
I get so frustrated with my lack of time to get things done. I never have time to finish the laundry, I never have time to clean up, I never have enough time to play with my children.....on top of that, I have "real work" to do-- meaning outside the house stuff (that I actually do inside the house)--newsletters, meetings, etc.
I sound like I'm pouting, I'm really not. I like having a lot to do (a long time ago, I had to ask God to forgive my pride in my "busy-ness"). I just don't like not having enough time to do it in. I have this re-occurring dream about a tidal wave crushing me and my family that I always have when things are bad--even if I'm not conscious of feeling overwhelmed.
I've had it two nights in a row.
So I figure I'd do an experiment to see if I stay off Facebook, and don't read any blogs for a week, if there would be more time for other things.
To be very honest, I'm doing it because I'm aggravated with my wonderful husband for spending so much time working. He lives in our home office. I know he's got a lot of work to do, but last night there were several windows open with YouTube open and other silly stuff, and I KNOW how much time he can waste on that. I was on my way to chew him out, when God said I better get my own stuff in line first. So there you go, no more extra-curricular computing, at least this week.
I'll still check my Yahoo, since I need to for the ministry, so if you need me, you know where to find me!


  1. So, in case you didn't read my blog before you "quit" yours... I haven't been on for several days. I had missed your last few posts, and now that I have comments for them, you won't be on here! Oh well, I will leave them anyway!
    I'll miss your words, but I understand the need to take a break - I just did! Come back refreshed and renewed.
    In the meantime, I'll just call you instead.

  2. I took a 3 week fast last was AWESOME!!!!! Enjoy your break!

  3. I applaud you for doing this!! :-)

    I wonder if I can fast my job, or fast house I usually lament that I DONT have enough free time to 'waste' away on the comupter. yeah, I know, very selfish of me! :-)
    Love you Mary girl!!! You are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!