Friday, October 24, 2008

The Joys of Scotch Tape

Cole loves scotch tape. He makes the craziest stuff with it, like a superhero mask, or tapes toy animals to the walls. One time he even encased Buzz Lightyear in tape so he could be "frozen".

I've been saying that I 'm going to get him a case of tape for Christmas. Can you imagine how much fun he'd have with that?

Well, that was before last night. Casey's been trying to unclog our tub for weeks, going through two jugs of Drano. (Do you see where this is headed?) But it was getting worse, and yesterday it wouldn't drain at all. So I decided to "Polock it" (which is my ancestral term for rigging up a tool to get a task accomplished....sometimes causing damage to property or bodily harm) and bent a clothes hanger to dig the icky clog out. Guess what it was??

Yup, a bunch of scotch tape. Apparently, Buzz "thawed" in my tub and his "ice" went down the drain.

And guess what Cole JUST asked me for?? Yep, MORE tape.


  1. Mary,

    Cole has such a great imagination. I laughed out loud when I read this. I don't think I could handle that if it were my kids.


  2. Cole has an interesting mind.....