Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Father Daughter Dance

It's a local tradition here.  Every year, around Valentine's Day, daddies and their little girls get all dressed up to go to the Father Daughter Dance.  It is SUCH a big deal.
This year was Maddy's first time, and she was excited.  She picked out her own dress ("Dark pink, Mommy, it has to be dark pink!"), she practiced dancing all week, and she sat so still and serious while I curled her hair!
They had a wonderful time.  Casey took her to the Japanese restraunt for dinner with another "couple"- a friend from work and his daughter.  Then they danced, danced, danced all night, or at least until she fell asleep in his arms around 8:45.
Here's the pictures, and in case you're wondering, she came up with these poses by herself!  She is quite a ham.
Cole is dressed up for his date with Mom.  He ran in from school and said, "I want to wear a black shirt and a tie for our date and I want you to wear a dress!"  And when I tried to put on a skirt and a sweater (it was cold), he said, "That's not a dress!  I want you to wear a dress and be fancy!"


  1. that is just adorable! is it a town wide thing? We should do something like that here!

  2. Oh my gosh - she is just the cutest thing! I love the poses she came up with. Perhaps she has a career in the theatre?